In September 2017, we hosted a conference at UAL, attended by year 1 and 2 students and key academics at UAL.

The aim was to showcase the breadth and diversity of our personal interests and what the cohort has learnt over the past two years.

Final projects include extremely varied themes, from audience development, engagement and funding in museums, to sustainable fashion within the social entrepreneurship landscape, the relationship between fashion and the arts, political propaganda in live performances, social impact through cultural capital projects, and art as a means of generating debate in political terms. We even have a moving art gallery on Reading buses and a cultural programme involving businesses in Mongolia!

To learn more about our projects in more detail, please visit our individual profile pages and get in touch with any of us to find out more. Please note that our projects are still at the development stage, so bear in mind that what you can see so far is work in progress.

We are nearly at the end of our journey at UAL but would very much like to stay part of this great community and will be regularly updating these pages.

Don’t be strangers!

Hopefully speak to you all very soon.

Much love,

Ace Connectors x