Yee Hung Choy (Lorrain)

Transformation, crossing border, multi-tasking, Creative work

I graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University- Major in Design. I had professional experience in Television program setting design for more than 28 years, developed well organisation ability and planning design for a whole design team.
Studying MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise at CSM, I learned Global issues, innovative tools and skills, which enable me to be more confident to face the complex world. This course provides high level of practical skill and conceptual thinking, which equip her to make a start on new aspects, such as cultural venture. Through the Live research project, I can practically implement the circular business from rough idea to design prototype test and extend further to the five-year plan. Moreover, there are infinity of possibilities in collaborating between my colleagues and alumni.



Throughout this course broadened my knowledge base, and stimulated my curiosity and awareness on global topics and to be more ethical responsible to society, especially about environmental impact.
My live project thesis- A Maker Methodology for Denim Waste Upcycling, which developed from my hobby (sewing artwork). The research was about how to execute an innovative upcycling business, and put into practice with the main objective of reducing denim waste. Therefore I will regularly conduct denim waste upcycling workshop, by using customers’ own useless denim clothing or I provide my stocking remnant textile resources for them. Then I will guide them some upcycling production techniques and transform the waste into accessories, such as bag, pins, apron, etc. Generally, the whole making process have four steps, that is: 1.Decomposing, 2.Designing, 3.Rearranging, 4. Recombining. The workshop inspires and empowers regular consumers from routine buying into creative making.
This research dissertation paper helped me to extend my border and gain abilities to further explore more new possibilities. I am currently work as a multi-tasking entrepreneur.