Aleksi Saikkonen

Arts Marketing & Development

Expert in British and Finnish arts marketing, production and development. My mission is to acquire knowledge, expertise and best practice models in the forementioned fields throughout Europe, adapt them, and deliver my learnings back to Finland.

I have been working on my MA dissertation since May 2017.  The dissertation aims to answer “How could film festivals improve the marketing and programming aspects of their audience development in order to deepen their relationship with creative professionals who actively engage with arts and culture?”

I define who these people are and explain why I have named them metrocultural creatives. I present marketing and programming development suggestions. I present a new toolkit called 7P + 3C based on services marketing and community engagement methods. I use service design methods to test the ideas I present and suggest how these ideas could be implemented in practice and studied further.

In a professional sense the question is important because the segment is formed of “innovators” who have a refined taste and the ability to influence other, less confident segments – they can start a snowball effect that brings in the masses. I aimed to find ideas that could be practically implemented.

Academically the question is important because current studies on audience development are broad but lack depth – I aimed to find methods and tools that could be used to study other areas of audience development, other segments, or other arts and cultural organisations.


After I graduate I am interested in:

-Audience Development: How to do this better in Finland? Should we have agencies or consultancies specialising solely on AD? What could the global arts and cultural sector learn from the commercial sector?

-Bringing service design thinking into the arts sector.

-Working in the cross section of arts, NGOs and the commercial sector.

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