Yan Yee Choi

An investigation of the identity formation of Hong Kong and visual arts.

Choi graduated from RMIT, major in painting. Currently studying at UAL, MA in Arts & Cultural Enterprise.
Sometimes enjoying writing even more than drawing so as to enable me to isolate myself from the world.


With the rapid development of society and science and technology, the art world has also kept pace with internationalization and globalization. Art is not limited to the expression of aesthetics and personal feelings. In the past few decades, Hong Kong’s art education and development have shifted from the art of the new century to the expression of pure artistic skills. Since the 1980s, more attention has been paid to the diversity of Hong Kong and identity, society, and even the whole world. As the theme of artistic creation is faced with the historical considerations between Western modern art and traditional Chinese art, the artist’s exploration and pursuit from the concept of creation to identity is inseparable. The author believes that the secondary, temporary, impromptu, personal, and emotional characteristics of modern visual art in Hong Kong are unique. Is this a symbolic sign that reveals the general resistance of society to the simplification of geopolitics, or the result of Hong Kong residents and artists living in such simplified geopolitics?
The purpose of this dissertation is connecting four Hong Kong local Artist – Lam Tung Pang, Wilson Shieh, Lee Kit and Leung Chi Wo’s artistic ideology as they witnessed the changes from the 1990s to the present, They will be aimed at exploring the development of the local visual arts language and the evolution of Hong Kong identity.