Anna De Amicis

Cultural Producer. Psychologist.

Anna de Amicis is a psychologist with 17 years of experience, who took the chance to develop a new career in the creative sector as a cultural producer. Having been her interests in the visual/performing arts always incredibly strong, in 2016 de Amicis was admitted to Central Saint Martin (London) and completed the MA Arts and Cultural Enterprises.

The ability to maintain a balance between acts of disruption and acts of orderliness is what characterised her practice. It helped Anna building with her former clients sustainable, achievable, and lasting life projects. Now, it is what enables her to deliver arts projects that have sustainability, practicality, and a long-term vision as essential elements.

Anna’s personal background is equally relevant to define her role as a cultural producer. The fact that she did find in the arts&culture a tool through which improving aspects of her world, makes her an honest advocate of their relevance in the daily life.

For all these reasons, any cultural ventures that she is part of are never just ‘a job to get done’. She will always take into consideration and promote their social and public value.

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The Moving Gallery

The Moving Gallery (MG) is a Reading Buses’ double-decker transformed into a temporary, travelling, curated art space. Anna produced, curated and delivered this art exhibition on a fully operational bus in Reading, involving local stakeholders and procuring international artists. BBC 1 and BBC Radio Berkshire dedicated more than one segment to MG.


Dance Practice from Physical to Virtual. Movement, balance, scale and gravity.

For Tate Exchange 2018, Anna co-produced with the Digital Maker Collective a project to investigate how interactions change when transposed into the virtual world and to which point movements can be mirrored. We involved professional dancers, asking to perform a short choreography – a duet – both in the physical and the digital space.


The first UAL Symposium on Virtual Reality

In partnership with the artist Alejandro Escobar and together with ACE Connectors, Anna delivered the first UAL Symposium in VR. The Symposium took place within a highly customised setting designed to host UAL panel discussions, workshop and seminars.



Inside/Outside is a website prototype whose main purpose is to fill a gap identified in the current provision of information by the local suppliers, by collecting, curating, and delivering visually and textually compelling details about Reading and University of Reading’s cultural initiatives.