Sereena Tadros

Art, Marketing, E-commerce.

I received my BA in Art History with a minor in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia. Since my graduation I have supplemented my education with courses in ‘Art as an Alternative Investment’ from Sotheby’s Institute and courses in social media and digital marketing. I began my career working in marketing for an art gallery in Amman, Jordan. A few years later I decided to gain more marketing experience. Since beginning my MA ACE in 2018 I have worked with an e-commerce startup and most recently with a local non-profit organization that delivers humanitarian and social aid locally.


For my dissertation I chose to go down the live project route, developing an idea that has been floating around with me ever since I graduated and began working in the art world in Jordan.
I am creating an online platform that will act as an intermediary for the secondary art market around the world, Art.Deal. This platform will allow collectors to buy to and from each other, circumventing barriers in place from traditional art market elements such as long wait times, high commissions and general uncertainty when it comes to selling or buying artwork in the secondary market. Art.Deal aims become a global platform and will launch in early 2020.