Sau Kwan CHEUNG (Yuko)

arts administration, arts education and promotion, audience development.

CHEUNG Sau Kwan (Yuko)
Yuko has developed her career in arts administration for over ten years at different public and private art organisations. Starting from 2006, she dedicated to arts promotion and education programmes in Hong Kong Arts Development Council. With the experiences of organising large-scale events, publishing and communications for six years, Yuko joined The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong as the project manager in 2012. She was responsible for managing the Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase, one of the Association’s signature programmes to preserve and develop Cantonese Opera – the arts form that was being enlisted as part of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Under this programme, Yuko has arranged hundreds of performances each year. Marketing and public relations, education and outreach, artists’ training and development and initiating cultural exchanges were also part of her duties in the Association.

Since 2018, Yuko joined the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority as manager of Learning and Participation team (Performing Art Division). With the aim to promote performing arts in Hong Kong, diversify audiences base, as well as facilitate sustainable cultural exchanges at the international, local and institutional level, Yuko takes part in planning and execution of various arts learning and participatory projects for different sectors of the public. For instance, the West Kowloon Tea House Student Matinees for local secondary school students and the West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme (Performing Arts) for young administrators and artists are the projects that Yuko is working on.

Supported by the Fellowships for Arts Management Experience (FAME) Programme of Hong Kong Art Administration Association in 2014, Yuko participated in the 12-weeks internship programme in English Touring Theatre, London.


Topic: Audience Development for Performing Arts Companies: How to Deepen Audience Engagement in Hong Kong

Audience development is often highlighted in government policy agenda and is one of the key areas supported by arts funding bodies in Hong Kong and overseas. It also helps realise the visions of the arts groups and cultural values of the arts in bringing positive impacts. With government’s increasing investment on performing arts in Hong Kong over the past decade, it is essential to examine the status of audience development in Hong Kong and evaluate its strategies and impact.

My research will first define what is audience development and its scopes, and the core values of arts and culture, and how audience development helps realise these values. Then, we will discuss the importance of audience development for the growth of performing arts groups and establishing connections with their audiences.

We will review audience development / engagement work by flagship performing arts companies in Hong Kong in the past five years. Also, through an analysis of case studies of audience development programmes in Hong Kong and the UK, recommendations will be made on improving current practices and evaluation in audience engagement.