Heung Yim (Iris)

Community Art, Art in Residence , Family Bonding.

Enhance Family Bond. Build Social Capital.
Iris is from Hong Kong and had been working as an investment banking professional over the last 15 years. During the past few years, her focus has shifted to strategic planning and execution of community projects. She sits on the board of two family bonding related NGOs and business entities, and also offers help on Arts Programs for children with special needs. Through these roles she leverages her business practices and experience to help promote healthy family lives and family bonds in the community.

As an active mother of three, she enjoys parenthood which gives her opportunities to pass on rich Chinese traditions and culture as well as share love, respect, compassion and humanity with her children. It is a gift for her to see them grow up. Also, they have taught her to be more patient and more appreciative of every moment they have together as a family. They have enabled her to be a better mother, a better wife and a better person in many different ways.


In her live project, Iris explores how to utilize inefficient or under-used private residential leisure spaces for art purposes within the context of Hong Kong. Can “Arts & Crafts” be accessible? Can it enhance family bonding, neighbour relationships, and strengthen local communities?

The MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise class has given Iris insights on how to put her vision into practice. The key takeaway from her classes has been the realization that sharing goals with others is a better key to success than merely cooperating with people who don’t share the same ambition.

Nowadays face to face conversation among family members seems to be easily forgotten, often substituted with social media communication. Even though they live in the same premises, family members spend time on electronic devices and are not available for one another. The creativity of Art In Residence (AIR) is the fuel of human initiative and inclusion. It creates a congenial atmosphere where relationships can be built both within and between families as well as reshaping the urban future.

She would like to thank her husband for his inspiration and for supporting the “Art in Residence” business idea.
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