Ka Yan Wong (Maggie)

Creative community.

After graduating from the advertising design, I had been worked as a graphic designer, an art director, and a photography producer. Experience gained in the creative industry let me know that the creative process of cultural production is a non-stop cycle that never ends up in somewhere but would replicate and synthesis with the collaborations of the community. Creative cultural activities are driven by local communities. Through studying the course of CSM, I would like to explore the creative community engagement as well as how the cultural practice of the creative community would lead to any social innovations and transitions.



Since 2000 onwards, design discipline had apparently expanded to the social dimension and sustainable ways of living, which is a social journey that is generated by and for local communities. The controversy is whether design approach function properly in the changing circumstances that design concerns shift from the context of conventional market-driven condition to the context of society, which is a much more complex system with wicked problems.
My Dissertation is aimed to answer that if design is regarded as problem-solving, can it solve problems in the context of society?