Frances Kung

Cultural Liaison & Festival Organizer.

What is life without passion? Passion is the backbone for truly living and being alive. To Frances, arts is passion. It is the most powerful motivator in her world, and she truly has a love and respect for all things creative. She has been working for Blackpool Dance Festival China as a project coordinator for the last four years. She cooperates with the operation director to organize the Festival, a premier international ballroom dancing competition. She has been working closely with the management team from Blackpool England to ensure the running. She has also been involved in her company’s ICE! productions in America with the coordination and management, working closely with artists, producers and venue staff to organize ice sculptures events. These experiences proved to be a vital tool in her goal of pursuing Arts and Cultural Enterprise, as it exposed her to the management side of arts. She found so much excitement in being involved in the coordination and management of an art based group.

Blackpool Dance Festival (China) 2020: A Critical Assessment of Current Challenges and Possible Solutions to Future Growth Limitations
This project aims to investigate how to improve and make BDFC more financially viable to the invested parties in the hope of seeing a real success of BDFC in several ways: First, and perhaps most importantly, BDFC should become a long term addition to China’s cultural sphere, this will help to achieve the next two stepping stones of BDFC’s success in China. Secondly, BDFC should become a time-honored tradition in the same way that it is in Blackpool, England. Finally, BDFC should become a “staple competition” to be attended annually for all the ballroom dancers around the world, amateur and professional – as is England’s Blackpool Festival.