Lydia Lee

Cultural Producer, Art Gallery, Sustainable.

Lydia has five years of work experience in accounting in a logistic company and is now looking for a change in career. Before joining MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise, she has gained a degree in Architecture and is Graduate Certificated in History of Art and Architecture.

She has an interest in the all-around art and culture scene and is especially interested in art exhibitions. In her spare time, she visits them to observe the latest exhibits and events. Moreover, she has deliberately been travelling abroad to experience the rich heritage of diverse art and architecture.
This passion has led her to undertake a career change in the cultural sector, and hence the decision to attend the master’s degree at CSM.

Throughout the study, she has tried to develop her skills in the area of exploring new business models that will help in sustainable growth in arts. She also has been interested in finding new ways of the connecting public in the art scene, particularly in Contemporary art.


‘Palette to Palate Project’ (PPP)

The purpose of the live project is to explore ways of bringing the public into the cultural sector and allowing the audience to engage in new cultural activities by developing unique cultural contents.
The theme of well-being and enriched cultural activity is fast becoming a focal aspect of modern society.

The concept of the (PPP) entails designing a new platform for emerging artists and a wide range of audience via experimental dining. The exhibition in the PPP will include creating a supper club, pop-up restaurant, etc.
The menu would be inspired by the artwork of emerging artist conducting the exhibition and will generate income to help sustain growth in the business.