Pik Heung Ho (Helen)

Development of Chinese Calligraphy in Hong Kong.

I learned and practised Chinese Calligraphy for about nine years and obtained a Certificate in Chinese Calligraphy after completed the courses of four calligraphy scripts offered by The Open University of Hong Kong.


The title of my dissertation is “Chinese Calligraphy in Hong Kong”. I chose this topic as I am a Chinese Calligraphy lover and found it a valuable Chinese culture.

Chinese Calligraphy is well connected to the hearts of Hong Kong people. Not many of us, however, have the personal experience in actually painting it. Being Chinese people educated in Hong Kong, we have no problem in reading most of the characters in a piece of Chinese Calligraphy. A great concern is that we may not know how to appreciate the aesthetic value of characters in that piece of calligraphy. As a Chinese art form existing for several thousand years, Chinese Calligraphy in fact has much more intrinsic values other than aesthetic value. It also has function values such as self-expression and self-cultivation. It is also closely related to Chinese literature and poetry. Definitely, this is a very important part of the Chinese culture that has to be passed on to future generations.

My dissertation will go through some characteristics of Chinese Calligraphy, look into its popularity in Hong Kong and examine the development environment this precious Chinese culture is facing.