Angela Coates

Education, performance, creative leadership.

Angela Coates is an educator and consultant in the transformative power of the arts, performance and technology.

‘I believe the arts are intrinsic to the human experience and arts education is part of the route to a sustainable, creative and compassionate future.’

Angela’s education was focussed on drama, media and performance. Her passion, focus and drive has always been about education and access to alternative methods of learning and acquiring knowledge. Enabling others to learn, through artistic experience and technology, gaining new knowledge and opening up new discourse.

This inspiration comes from her own route through the traditional UK educational system, which was not an entirely smooth run. With her spirit, determination and belief in learning from failure, alongside an influential drama teacher she discovered the path that would open up the world for her.

Her professional career took her into the emerging world of the web and transformational technology, from design and development of websites and applications she focussed on the inclusivity and accessibility the medium offered and learned through observation and immersive experience how people interact with technology and extract information. This route brought her to her current role in enterprise architecture and knowledge management consultancy.

Alongside the day job, her calling, was to remain within the arts, artistic practice and performance. Her teaching and performing in dance, drama and storytelling all lead to the founding of an arts organisation and arts residency programme split between the UK and the South of Morocco.

Her hybrid arts and technology practice reveals the relationship between these two disciplines and how they lead to the development and adoption of strong creative and leadership skills. With a focus on cultural agility her approach compliments and challenges the advances in automation and artificial intelligence, through the growth of her cross cultural creative community of practice centred around arts education, performance, technology and transformation.

Art has the power to transform lives. Join me, you are all welcome.



Angela’s thesis was delivered as a work of ‘minor literature’ influenced by Gilies Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Ken Gale and Lorna Dallas-Conte.

‘The Unknown Residency’ is a story about the experience of a female, arts based entrepreneur, working in a cross cultural setting. Realising a dream, an idea, a passion into something that delivered value beyond its initial inspiration.

Using auto-ethnography as the method of research, her live project examines how building an arts residency programme in the South of Morocco, revealed ‘not knowing’ as a productive and creative approach to developing ‘cultural agility’.

Cultural agility requires the capacity to tolerate ambiguity, demonstrate cultural humility, utilise curiosity and build relationships. Key skills required for leadership and innovation in our globalised workforce.

This study is important and needed now to support and demonstrate the value of arts education at time of continued reduced funding. Through raising the voice of a female arts practitioner and creative leader, it argues that the skills arts education and artistic practice develop are the same skills that are required for culturally agile leaders across disciplines.