Po Cheng (Pauline)

Entrepreneurial, Chinese Culture, Education, Galleries, Schools, Exhibitions. Airlines, Workshops, STEAM.

I studied English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Toronto and returned to Hong Kong after graduation. Since then, I have been working in the finance industry for over 15 years and my current job is working for a US hedge fund firm, mainly handling their internal operations and the planning and set-up of investor and charity events for their Hong Kong team. Growing up with artists and art enthusiasts in the family, I have always had a linkage with the art world. I have been doing Chinese Ink Art and Calligraphy in the past five years and plan to pursue further studies in this area.



Title of my Live Project: Learning Chinese Ink Art for English Speaking Children

My live project examines the different Chinese ink painting styles and techniques to find out the essential elements to be incorporated into the design of an airline fun pack for children during long-haul flights. The project aims to promote cultural integration and appreciation of Chinese Ink Art by making it accessible for anyone, anywhere in the world.