Ferry van Dijk

Make. Social Impact. Happen.

Ferry is from the Netherlands and an energy and petrochemicals professional, until not so long ago. After studying Chemical Engineering in Eindhoven and achieving a MSc, he worked at Royal Dutch Shell for 25 years until end 2015, and was based in Shell Centre, London from 1997 onwards. Ferry got involved with arts governance as Chairman of the Board of Hoxton Hall Ltd (2005 -14), an organization which was saved from near extinction, and of Forma Arts (2014-current), an organization which had to be resurrected after the sudden departure of its founder and Artistic Director in 2015. Through these roles, he has experienced how adopting business practices and mindset can help cultural organisations become more professional, efficient and effective. He was the recipient of the Arts & Business Board Member of the Year Award in 2009.

In his dissertation Ferry is exploring how Theory of Change can enable social impact through capital investments in the cultural sector (new or extension of existing buildings).

Note: the photograph on the landing page features the artwork ‘Gateways’ by Adam Nathaniel Furman, in front of Central St. Martins, as part of designjunction2017 (thedesignjunction.co.uk) (copyright photo: Ferry van Dijk).

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