Jonathan Swain

Poetic. Imaginative. Citizen.

Jonathan is a cultural events curator. He cultivates creative stimulation by throwing things together, digging out radically different people, quirky places and ideas, then mixing them up and seeing what happens.


His interventions range from large scale to personal creative projects. He was curator of Tracey for the Liverpool Biennial, co-director of huge site specific performances put on by the arts collective Visual Stress, and is the designer for the theatre company New Factory of the Eccentric Actor. His personal work includes Holed Up, and Nightworker for the Brighton Photo Fringe and he is walks co-ordinator for South East Dance. A recurring thread in his work is the way he reframes the locality in which he works.


These unpredictable juxtapositions have the potential to create what Jonathan is searching for, slight tears in the fabric of society, a route through to new dimensions beyond the mainstream. For Jonathan culture is the perfect platform, it offers the chance to bypass logic, go beyond language, consider unpalatable subjects, crisscross boundaries. To make new things happen, to instigate change.


One part of cultural production is about improving the environment both for the producers, their families and those that live in their locality. It is not just about profit, but self-improvement. To quote Nadezhda Tolokonnikova we must seek out the: “existential and poetic dimension of engaged citizenry


The MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise course at Central Saint Martins has given Jonathan the skills and insights to put this into action.

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