Kasha Frese

Art and Transformation

Kasha Frese navigated time zones, currency conversions, airline connections, and the Tube just to participate in UAL’s first distance-learning program, the Arts and Cultural Enterprise MA at Central Saint Martins. She has enjoyed every moment of the adventure. She is based in Oakland, California, USA, and the tutors at CSM have helped guide her vision of bold new roles for artists and artistic practices in realms of systems innovation and societal transformation.

Kasha has been exploring the arts and audience engagement for the last several years. An established leader in the communications field, her work spans community and corporate settings. She has designed online and site-based participatory arts programs focused on public health and social issues. She helped found and, for three years, helped lead and grow the Fearless Collective, a feminist artist collective based in India that creates public interventions of participatory storytelling and mural painting. She also introduced collaborative arts practices into corporate and non-profit settings to define shared employee/leadership values and create meaningful engagement with strategy.

For her dissertation, Kasha is designing and hosting a series of experimental events of collective artistic praxis that link creativity and innovation and center on the relationship between economics and community. The series will culminate in a public arts expedition and leadership development program in Mongolia, where these ideas will be explored and shared in a cross-cultural context. For more information about participation or sponsorship of the project, please get in touch!