Clementine De Banzie Lampard

Management, Music, Live Events, Cultural Events, Cultural Production, Arts, Creative Industries, Cross-Cultural, Fashion.

I am passionate about the production of cross-industry Art and Culture; my interests and professional experience are broad, and span the creative and cultural industries.

I currently manage an internationally renowned band and an up-and-coming recording artist, assisting in all areas of their careers; from writing and recording through to album release, promo and touring. The nature of this work requires a wide skillset and an overview of a multitude of industries. In addition to working on global album releases and worldwide tours, I have been involved in the making of documentaries and films, book publishing, and the exhibition and sale of artwork, as well as numerous other varied creative projects.

I am currently studying part time for my MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise, gaining practical skills to help me progress and evolve professionally. Looking ahead I hope to continue building a diverse and exciting career in Cultural Production and Management, working flexibly in a freelance/project-based capacity.


For my project I have created a Business Plan for a cultural enterprise, which has afforded the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to build a creative business from the ground up; something I aspire to do in the future.

My proposition is a fashion rental platform that offers a creative solution to the vast cultural problem of fast fashion. I have always had an interest in fashion and a love of shopping, but a growing awareness of the damaging environmental and social impact of the industry has caused me to focus on sustainable solutions. My enterprise explores how we as consumers can begin to shift our garment consumption habits from owning to renting, in a bid to tackle these issues.

The skills and learning I have acquired during the project have proved invaluable in understanding the business, financing and operations of any creative enterprise, and as such, are both pertinent and resonant to my current role and my future career.