Chi Yan NG (Florence)

Strategist, Development, Charitable, Community Art, Visual Arts, Performing Arts.

I work as Director of Development of Milk and Honey Arts Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit in Hong Kong. Through various art forms, we hope to promote God’s Word and bring His heart of love, peace, joy and unity to the communities we serve. In the past, we have held art exhibitions in public hospitals, churches, run art seminars in the Hong Kong City Hall, as well as collaborated with local visual arts teachers on 2-year visual arts education programme over local primary and secondary schools. In partnership with another Christian ministry, we also regularly visit local prisons with artists who bring their work of art as well as musical instruments to share with the inmates their creative journeys and life stories. For three consecutive years, we have coorganised Chinese calligraphy and paintings exhibition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The opportunity to share our traditional Chinese arts and culture to university students in Israel has been a great learning experience for me and hope to go back to do another exhibition soon. We have also published a first-of-its-kind Art and Spirituality book, combining 40-day spiritual devotions and traditional Chinese painting illustration on the entire Book of Exodus from the Bible. Every other year, we organise the citywide Bible verse Chinese calligraphy competition and exhibition with the latest edition just completed in December 2019. Aside from the ongoing projects, in 2020, I hope to venture into some performing arts production that combines elements of healing with sound frequencies and media, which is the topic of my final project.



The Recovery Project: Garden Frequency

Given the tense socio-political environment in Hong Kong for the past 6 months, many performances (both small and large scale) were forced to cancel due to safety concerns and traffic disruptions all across the city. This has served as an inspiration for me to break away from location limitations and to change the focus of my live project. Putting a new spin on my initial project as a result of challenges in implementation against the extreme social conditions explained above, The Recovery Project: Garden Frequency is a timely and socially-responsive innovation, adding pragmatic elements of healing and recovery to all the brokenness that Hong Kong people collectively face right now, even more so for the underprivileged groups, especially the children which was also the target audience for my initial project. To counter all the frequencies of violence, fear, hatred and division absorbed in the past couple of months, Garden Frequency aims to be an expression of sound that instead evokes the feeling of peace, joy, love and unity, like what we experience when we are in touch with nature, restoring the original blueprint of Creation in the Garden.