Kit Wong (Rosa)

Strategist, Social Media.

Rosa is an experienced social media marketers, who had also received wardrobe management training in her earlier age. Brought up in a family with most members involved in church music, she has passion in music and was a choir member in various communities since a young age. She shifted her interest to hip-hop music when she first listened to it in her secondary school and keeps herself update in Chinese hip-hop culture. She might not be a rapper but she has good ears.


The Hip-Hop culture was regarded as a sub-culture in the past. While it earns its position in the mainstream culture in the United States for the last decade, globalization has been helping the spread of the culture to the worldwide stage. China, the most populated country in the world, had hip-hop trending in 2017. The trend started from a hip-hop competition streaming online but being suppressed by the government in 2018. This research helps to identify the potential of hip-hop culture development in China and the factor that may affect the development.

The main question of the research mainly focuses on the demand of trade platform for the industry, the target users behaviour, how the platform can provide the need to users and how it can contribute to the hip hop community. It will depend on an in-depth interview with different players in the industry and the hip hop lovers, which are the primary users of the platform.