Wai Kuen Yip (Angela)

teddy bear, artist bear, bear museum, participatory museum, sewing art, fashion design, fashion bear, experiential learning.

My name is Angela Yip, a teddy bear artist for over 10 years, my passion for this art form has made me feel deep in my heart that a teddy bear museum will be instrumental in maintaining and raising interest in the art of teddy bear making as well as the learning of sewing as a basic life skill among the younger generations.

My live project sets out a hypothetical proposal on the establishment of a participatory teddy bear art museum in Hong Kong and explores the social values through the sewing of “Fashion Bear”. Textile art is one of the oldest forms of art in human civilisation, but sewing has become a ‘lost art’ nowadays due to mass production of affordable clothes, globalisation and fast fashion. Teddy bears are often associated with the expression of love and care, while fashion design is an element attracting younger learners to sew. The project combines these two elements, with an aim to explore the values of promoting sewing in education, industrial and social context are discussed in the project report, in particular the benefits arising from experiential learning; and to examine what roles that can be played by a “participatory teddy bear museum” which will enable visitors and participants to create, share, and connect with each other around teddy bears. To work towards such a goal which will take years to achieve, I plan to set up a social enterprise to build up public awareness to pave the way for the teddy bear museum.