I got the idea of The Moving Gallery while I was at the Reading Live Lab on Nov 1, 2016. I had the great fortune to sit next to Tony Pettitt of Reading Buses and we started to chat about how things were going in town and the strong bond between his company and Reading communities. On Nov 2016, I was an MA student of Central Saint Martin studying Arts and Cultural Enterprises and eager to find opportunities to produce innovative cultural projects. Opening an art space in a town that doesn’t have enough of them, involving a company in the effort of promoting the arts locally, occupying with the arts the local public transport; all of these insights came into my mind at once and, without overthinking it, I simply asked Tony ‘What if a double-decker bus is transformed into an art gallery?’Tony unexpectedly said ‘Yes, why not? Let’s do it’. And our dialogue started. From there to here, the journey has been long and full of surprises. Thanks to MG, I got the chance to meet a great number of people, both inside and outside the art world. I experienced support, disapproval, interest, boredom, frustration, empowerment; a roller coaster of feelings, this MG has been. But I learnt a lot and I understood that producing culture is something that makes me feel better at the end of my day. I hope that MG will have the same effect on those who’ll see it.